Support a $15 Minimum Wage For All New Jersey Workers!

Take action to raise over 1 million New Jersey workers out of poverty!

A Minimum Wage That Leaves No Family Behind

New Jersey is on track to join cities and states from coast to coast in raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. This legislation would boost the economic security of more than 1 million workers, but can only do so if it applies to ALL New Jersey workers.

Industry lobbyists are pressure state lawmakers to hold down wages some of the state’s lowest-paid and most vulnerable workers: tipped, youth, and farmworkers.

  • Over 193,000 NJ tipped workers, such as waitresses, pizza delivery workers, car wash workers, nail salon workers, and airport workers earn $2.13 and hour. Failure to raise the wage for tipped workers will create a $12.87 wage gap.
  • Younger workers work side by side with their older counterparts across industries, and they often perform the same work. Many young workers coming from low income families provide as much as 20% of their family’s shared household income.
  • Farmworkers, mostly Black sharecroppers and Latino immigrant workers, have already been excluded from federal wage standards, which leaves them unable to meeting basic necessities such as put food on the table or monthly rent.

Everyone who works should be paid a wage they can actually live on. Tell your legislators to leave no worker behind in the fight for $15!

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